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Careless Whispers for Plants

Medium: interactive sound installation

Dimensions: 15’ x 15’ x 15’

Video Duration: 02:00 minutes

Year: 2014

Careless Whispers for Plants is an interactive audio installation. Each channel of the 8 channel installation is individually triggered by an array of sonar sensors as the viewer physically navigates around the work. The individual tracks are played through hand sewn wooden horns that are mounted to a hand cut wooden structure held together with custom designed 3d printed connectors and clamping mechanisms. Each track is a female voice addressing the viewer with the plural pronoun “we,” and addresses various forms of physical barriers such as fences, walls and doors. As the viewer hears and contemplates the meaning of the audio verse, they are simultaneously looking through and moving around the elaborate and delicate structure. The volume of the work is kept low, so that viewers must approach the work fully in order to hear the triggered audio playing through the horns.

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