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Things of a certain type: How to become a pet

Medium: Installation

Dimensions: Variable

Year: May 2021

"Things of a certain type: How to become a pet" is an installation that asks, “What happens
when reality is translated through virtual and designed systems, when the animal/natural world is extinct, and when we adapt it for human needs and spaces?” This work hosts a collection of 3d printed cat figurines curated and categorized by the artist, alongside a furniture display system and video installation. The furniture echoes interior wall construction, and a modular shelving system designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948, a classic of post-war interior design. Video of different specimens of “Maidenhair spleenwort,” a wild fern in the British isles, cycle rapidly through the visual field, which along with the collection of cats serve to remind us of the infinite diversity within seemingly narrow categories.

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