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Home Grown (Made with Love from Far Away)

Medium: aluminum, polyethylene, acrylic yarn and live plants

Dimensions: 7ft Hx 20ft W x 5ft D

Year: 2013

Home/Grown (Made with love far away) was presented in August of 2013 in Darmstadt, Germany as part of the Vogelfrei/City Garten 10 exhibition.


The work is a statement about mobility, survival and a radical rethinking of what it means to “make” things.
By using my family tradition of crochet in combination with industrial fabrication techniques, I am seeking to create a dialog between the present and the past, a dialogue that I feel is much needed in order for societies to move forward in a productive and inclusive way. The work asks about our physical and emotional connection with the food we eat, how it is made or grown, where it comes from, and how it enables our survival.

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