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The Archipelago of NO

Medium: Virtual environment

Dimensions:  dimensions variable (site responsive installation)

Year: 2023-Ongoing


Project Description

“The archipelago of NO,” is an interactive installation. The installation consists of a one player computer game which is shown via a projection on the wall. There is seating provided to allow the player to interact with the game while seated and a sculptural shelving unit populated with small objects that also exist virtually within the game space/virtual environment.

The project presents a self-contained virtual world in which icy islands play host to satellite dishes that beam light rays around the environment, involuntarily portaling the user to a different landscape. Virtual objects, which are ~1/1000th of the scale of the ice islands are introduced within “side worlds,” as devices to potentially bring the user to the point of origin. Throughout the project, the use of metaphor subverts the expectation of a conventional first person shooter game and suspends the user in a liminal state, one where action is possible but not required.

Technical Info

This installation runs an an executable (.exe) in a windows environment. This installation requires electrical, an HD projector, and display shelf for small 3d objects (supplied by artist) in addition to a PC workstation and game controller also supplied by the artist. The proposed installation fits within a square area that is 15ft x 15ft. The installation is pictures in the image carousel in a 4 viewport rendering of a probable configuration.

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